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  • Ben Rascal is friends with Andre Fyre
  • Helios Q is attending Test event.
  • Ben Rascal added a new event
    12 months ago
    Test event

    Test 1 2 3

    • Monday, 26 October 2015 00:00
    • Q Continuum
  • Helios Q
    1 year ago

    We are currently investigating some problems with our support portal. In the meantime if anyone has any problems they would like you report, please send myself an email at Helios.Q@UFSGrid.com and I will respond back as quickly as I can. Thank you.

  • Andre Fyre is friends with Ares Q
  • Andre Fyre has changed their profile cover.

    1 year ago

  • Andre Fyre uploaded a new avatar.
  • Andre Fyre is friends with Helios Q
  • Ares Q is friends with Evergreen Moss
  • Evergreen Moss uploaded a new avatar.
  • Helios Q has changed their profile cover.

    1 year ago

  • Katherine Dreamscape is friends with Helios Q
  • Katherine Dreamscape uploaded a new avatar.
  • Ares Q
    2 years ago

    New functionality to this Social site and inside the grid... your avatar will be created here when you login the first time, taking all the needed information from inside UFSGrid. Same for groups!
    Even our friendships will be linked, when you offer friendship to someone here it will also do that inside UFSGrid !!!
    In time we also want to create the ability to file inworld Locations here!!!

  • Ben Rascal has changed their profile cover.

    2 years ago



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